“Third hand smoke” is a danger that should not be ignored.

“Secondhand smoke” is dangerous from cigarette smoke that smokers emit. And those around us who didn’t smoke inhaled the smoke into their bodies, but actually, cigarette smoke was more dangerous than just a second person. Because it can also pass the danger to third parties Or as we call it the danger of “Third hand smoke” as well

What is third-hand smoke?

Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Sitthiphan, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, stated that thirdhand smoke is cigarette smoke attached to clothing or other utensils. Although it is less concentrated, but if you get it often. For a long time, it can have negative effects on health. Because it contains carcinogens, which can cause cancer, especially children who are at risk of getting them into the body from inhalation or exposure from smokers, etc.

The dangers of third hand smoke

– Even if you have been smoking for dozens of hours. But the tar or tar produced by the cigarette burn will still be soot on you. If coming in contact with children Children will receive these things. Affects the respiratory tract

– Mother who smokes Or have been inhaled smoke into the body Those toxins can be sent to the baby when breastfeeding.

– Children and infants can take up to 2 times more dust, smoke or third-hand residue than adults.

How to Avoid Harming Third Hand Smoke on Others

– Avoid smoking in the area with others, such as home, work, car, restaurant, etc.

– After smoking, should wash your hands every time. Do not accidentally put your hand in contact with young children. Including getting into carrying young children

– Should change clothes and clean the body after smoking.

– The best way is “Stop smoking” to the safety of those around you. And for the better health of your own

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