10 simple ball exercises that will help you get fit!

Any young man who is bored of lifting weights or exercising outdoors Today we have compiled a way to exercise a healthy body with such a device. Exercise ball Let’s suggest you try to return to practice at home as well. Ensure that each position is not as difficult as you think. Plus the results have returned unbelievably good.

1. Ball Crunch

Prepare the position by lying on your back on the ball and placing your feet on the floor. Slightly raised the neck Then contract the abdomen with a rhythmic lift up and down the upper body. Which constantly practicing this posture It will help build abdominal muscles to be fit and firm ever.

2.Ball Push Up

Start by placing the ball in front of you and bending over to press the ball with your hands. Stretch your legs behind you on both sides With a shoulder width Then push up and down slowly by practicing pushups with the ball. It will help strengthen the muscles in various parts of the body such as chest, shoulders, triceps and abs.

3.Ball Elevated Push Up

This position is still in the push-ups. But changed the position of the ball to the toe instead Which adds a great challenge to the body Begin training by lying down on the floor with both legs on the ball and slowly doing regular pushups.

4.Ball Squat

Begin practicing Ball Squat by standing up straight, facing the wall, and leaning on the ball. Ready to separate the feet far enough apart Then slow down in a squat and return to a pre-set position. The Ball Squat works many muscles at once, such as your abdomen, thighs, hamstrings and hips.

5. Ball Plank Pike Up

Prepare for this pose by lying down on the floor with both legs draped over the ball. Push up with your hands, similar to a push-up motion. Then move your legs forward slowly and lift your hips. Hold for about 2 seconds and return to the preparation position. Will help strengthen the fitness of the abdomen and lower back

6. Ball Jackknife

After practicing the fifth pose, let’s continue practicing this pose. Which provides the same posture and uses both feet to press the ball Then use your feet to move the ball towards the body Until the knees are at waist level Then move the ball back to the starting position by practicing Ball Jackknife can strengthen the thighs and hips very well.

7. Ball Leg Curl

For the Ball Leg Curl, switch from lying on your stomach to lying on your back. Put both feet on the ball. When ready, lift up your waist moderately and keep your abdomen tense. Then use your feet to slide the ball towards you. And lift the back as much as possible Then slide the ball out This position will help strengthen the muscles of the waist, back and legs.

8. Ball Side Crunch

Begin this prep position by lying down facing the ball. With the waist and thighs over the ball And use his feet to support the wall Then put your hands together on the back of the head. Then lift the body on the sides up – down slowly, it will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and waist to fit perfectly

9. Ball Chest Fly

The Ball Chest Fly exercises will help build your chest muscles to be clearer and firmer. Start by positioning your head and shoulders on top of the ball. Ready to put your feet flat on the ground Raise your torso until it is parallel to the ground. While holding the dumbbell in both hands, arms straight. Then tighten the chest and slowly spread the arms in – out.

10.Ball Dumbbell Triceps Extension

For this exercise, it will focus on exercising the arm muscles. By placing a prepared posture like the 9th position and holding the dumbbells on both sides When ready, slowly bend your elbows up and down until the dumbbell is at shoulder level.

I saw this Anyone looking for good and easy exercise equipment Try to find an exercise ball to exercise at home. Ensure that you will be fit and fit in no time.

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