6 simple training circuits, complete exercises for all parts

Since many people (like) complain that “no time to exercise” but for a long time, they will grow up once in a while. Then try to switch from general exercise to exercise. “Circuit Training” looks and will see results that are lovely as the Thai Parliament he tells us.

Whether it is a park, fitness, running, various charities, etc. We can see both women. And men of different ages Turn to exercise To build a strong body according to the goals that each person has intended Which many people set goals for all 3 types of exercise, that is

1. Aerobic exercise
2. Exercise with resistance.
3. Stretching exercises

But there is also a form of exercise that brings out aerobic exercise. Combined with resistance, this is called circuit training.

“Coach Peng” or “Satik Thanatuk”, a sports scientist Mentioned that the origin of this kind of exercise Theory of unified exercise arose in the year 1950 from the Department of Physical Education. University of Leeds, England, because in the past it was believed that Aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, etc. is a continuous exercise. Fast heartbeat This makes the heart, lungs, blood vessels and circulatory system stronger and more efficient. But does not develop muscle and bone strength

For resistance exercise or weight training, it is to strengthen the muscles and bones by dividing the training into sets according to the body organs such as arms, legs, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, etc. During training, the heart muscle will work hard. Not long ago, then it paid off This causes the heart not to be continuously stimulated, as in aerobic exercise.










Complete play training or circuit training

Coach Peng said that it was caused by the trainees who saw that While training any part of the muscle Other parts of the body are not trained. When several exercises were tried and performed in a row, practicing for all parts of the body, the heart was continuously pounding. And use fat for energy It’s the same principle as aerobic exercise.

“10 minutes or more of circuit workouts or circuit training can make the heart stronger, beating faster, comparable to other forms of cardio. Depending on the program that we choose how tired If you are very tired, it may be more effective to go for a run. Is that we will focus on And what are our abilities like? ”Said Coach Peng.

Coach Peng recommends that the basic moves are 4-8 basic exercises in circuit training, but the recommended sets of six are as follows:

1. Front leg exercise Is a sitting position (squat): is a squatting position with the thighs parallel to the floor. Push your hips back Keep your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes.

2. Posture to exercise the hind legs is Bridge (Bridge): Lie on your back, knees up and lift your hips. Make us a triangle

3. Abdominal exercises is a sit-up (Crunch): steep both knees. Lie on your back on the floor. And push the torso up a little

4.Lower back exercises Is Superman: Lying on your stomach and arms stretched forward. The legs are stretched to the back.

5. Chest exercises Is a push up (Push up): steep both arms up. Keep the body parallel to the ground And tense the abdomen

6. Upper back exercises are the Y postures: Lie face down on the floor. Then raise your arms to Y-shape with the back tense.

All 6 moves are counted as one circuit of play, the number of exercises for each exercise depends on the strength of the muscles, the practitioner, at the end of one position, rest for no more than 15 seconds.

For accessories that can be used in training, Coach Peng recommends dumbbells, elastic bands, or water bottles, depending on your individual preferences.

“For resting the muscles in the training circuit training Each trainer should evaluate himself as If you work hard when you use a lot of muscles, take a break every other day. Or if you train harder than aerobic, you can train every day. Depending on the strength of each muscle. That the trainers have to assess themselves to be, “coach Peng further suggested

* Caution: For hypertensive and diabetic patients, seek advice from a physician before performing any type of exercise.

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