5 cool tricks to exercise yourself to be effective

After the Thai people encountered the COVID-19 crisis, the New Normal or the card lifestyle must not have swallowed up our daily lives. Inevitably Like exercising, from where many people are good at going for a run in the park. Or going to a fitness gym Had to turn to exercise in the home instead In order to avoid being exposed to germs outside the home

But exercising at home by yourself Many people may think that it will not be as effective as having a trainer. Or going out for a run Don’t worry, OfficeMate comes with a great trick today. For people starting to exercise Or people who have to change to exercise by themselves Ensure that you see results and correct points like having a personal trainer.

When starting to exercise correctly, you need to set goals.

It is important to prepare before starting to exercise. Let’s set up one goal that we want to exercise for. Whether to lose weight Increase muscle Or exercising to get better health Setting goals will be your driving force. Encourages us to exercise regularly And more importantly, it allows us to choose the right exercise method for our purposes.

Exercise to stay healthy

Exercising regularly and regularly Can help reduce the risk of developing various diseases. Which will result in good health And strengthening and improving various systems in the body Reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Exercise to keep the body strong Should exercise regularly on a regular basis. But may choose to be light exercise such as walking, jogging Or doing yoga for 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week (150 minutes per week) will help keep the body active. Which is suitable for the elderly Or for young people who are still energetic You may choose to exercise harder, such as running or jumping rope. To stimulate the blood to pump Improving blood circulation This requires about 20-30 minutes of exercise per day, 3 days a week.

Exercise to stay in shape

Exercise for the goal of staying in shape. Maintain the condition not to get fat. Or not to be thinner than before It may be a group that has successfully lost weight and wants to maintain a steady weight. This group recommends exercising about 1 hour per day, 6 days a week, or about 90 minutes per day, 5 days a week, perhaps focusing on exercising on every muscle, like doing weights 3 days a week, 3 exercises per week. Set of 8 – 10 sessions and 30-40 minutes of cardio for 2 days a week. By using cardio poses that emphasize quality Rather than cardio for a long time, such as doing Curcit Training, Interval taining or HIIT from time to time.

Exercise to lose weight

Exercising to lose weight or reduce the amount of body fat It is necessary to choose an exercise method that will help increase energy metabolism. And increase the amount of muscle at the same time because more muscles It will make you burn more energy during the day.

Exercise of this group Should choose to do both weight training And cardio at the same time and should spend 5-6 days a week to exercise Divided into 3-4 days of weight training, 45-60 minutes per day, or if you don’t have time, you can reduce the time. But focus more on the quality of exercise And doing cardio activity 2-3 days a week for 30-60 minutes a day, depending on the intensity of the activity And don’t forget to control the amount of food you eat And choose to eat only good things that are useful It will help exercise more clearly. Now that you have set goals and know how to achieve your exercise goals, here are some great tips that will help you achieve results in your exercise routine.

1. Drink water before exercise.

About 3 hours before exercise should drink 2-3 times more water and during exercise should sip water frequently. In the amount of not less than 1-2 times to compensate for the lost water. And prevent headaches, dizziness, cramps, or muscle contractions

2. Warm up before exercising.

Before every exercise Should warm up or warm up. To prevent muscle injury Stretching also helps the body adjust the flexibility of the muscles and tendons. Including gradually Keep your body temperature in place until it is ready for the next strenuous exercise.

3. Start with light exercise first.

Should start with light exercise. Start with a simple pose. To gradually Little by little stimulate the muscles to wake up. Strengthen the strength of the muscles step by step and gradually accelerate the rhythm. Because if starting to exercise hard without the muscles ready Will be at risk of muscle injury

4. Do not forget to exercise in specific areas.

Specific exercise Suitable for people who want to strengthen their muscles Who want a lean body If you will see more results Extra exercise equipment such as drumbells or exercise bands should be used. If you don’t know how to exercise, try opening Youtube and search for specific exercise methods. We certify that there are complete arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, guaranteed to be fit and firm.

5. Cooldown after exercise to relax the muscles.

After strenuous exercise The body produces lactic acid. Which is a waste product that makes our muscles tired Which can cause cramps if there is too much But the cooldown Or light movement After exercising, such as walking after a hard run Or stretching the muscles after bodyweight Will help the body gradually Hierarchical cooling It allows more oxygen to nourish the muscles. The lactic acid is gradually broken down, reducing the chances of aching muscles after exercise. Therefore, do not forget the cooldown after every workout.

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