6 exercises in the room Get fit without going out at risk of COVID19

Today, exercise can be performed in a number of ways, even room exercises. Whether it is a bedroom, a living room, it can be done. But very popular is Access to the fitness This can be seen from many open fitness centers in department stores. A full range of service centers, but there are disadvantages: Monthly or yearly fees are quite high. Which will be the cost of the trainer has to come and train for us again. And must have time to use the service It may be inconvenient for some people who do not have time to use the service. Or think that the service fee is too high Another option for those who want to exercise with an emphasis on convenience. You can do it yourself at home and do not need a lot of equipment. We have a number of ways to exercise in the room that can help burn calories and help you stay healthy.

1. Aerobic dance

Aerobic dancing is a fun exercise. Exercise every muscle in the body and cardio too, which aerobic dance nowadays has a variety of forms, including T-25, Zumba Dance Cover Dance or Hip hop Dance, each of which can burn calories. It is different. You can search easily by following YouTube dance instruction clips. Anyone who likes any type can choose to dance according to their preferences. There are not a lot of equipment, you just have sports shoes to reduce the impact on your feet and ankles to start exercising. More importantly, dancing can also help with the pumping of the heart’s blood well, too.

2. Doing yoga

Doing yoga is an exercise that helps build flexibility in the muscles. Reduce the pain of working-age people from being an office syndrome, which can be done by yourself in the room. Not a lot of equipment, just use a yoga mat for cushioning and you can start exercising. How to exercise is not difficult to find. Just pick up your phone and Google or Youtube can do it. Can be done by yourself in the room at the time after work Or in the morning before going to work, take 20-30 minutes to wash, should be done regularly, about 3 times a week and in addition to helping to build flexibility for the muscles, it also helps the circulatory system work better as well.

3. Jump rope

This method uses only one device, the “rope”. This exercise can be done easily in the room. And can do it at any time Plus help burn calories And slimming as well But there are precautions: Do not jump too high. Because it will cause injuries to the knees and ankles And for those who are starting to exercise, it is best to start with a light jump before washing for a few minutes after doing it for a while. Gradually increase the time to make it more.

4. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are a great way to exercise your abdominal muscles. Although it is an easy position to do, if performed incorrectly, it can injure or render your muscles ineffective. Therefore, it should start from the preliminary position, ie lie down and bend your knees perpendicular to the floor. Raise your arms to your chest Then slowly lifted himself up Hold it for 3 seconds and then lean back to sleep on the floor, doing 15-20 sets per set, should be done continuously for 2-3 sets.

5. Plank

Plank is a simple exercise method. Not a lot of equipment, just a yoga mat. Or if you don’t have a yoga mat, you can do it on your bed. Planking exercises can help you work out a lot of your muscles. Each exercise works differently for each muscle, for example:

– Elbow Plank is a standard plank pose that helps train the abdominal muscles as well. Method is lying on the floor with legs straight. And use the elbows to support and push the body up above the floor to feel the contraction of the abdomen. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat about 2 times.

– Side Plank or lateral plank that helps exercise the muscles in the side of the torso, the method is to lie on your side with straight legs stretched. Then use the elbows below to push up above the floor to feel the contraction of the torso, sides and abdomen. Then hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat about 2 times, then switch to the other side. And repeat the same number

6. Do housework

Many people may not think that doing housework is a great calorie-burning activity. It is another exercise that can exercise most of the body’s muscles. Whether it is sweeping the dust, mopping the house, washing the bathroom, washing clothes, ironing, so doing various housework in daily life. Naturally considered beneficial for health

Here are 6 ways to exercise the room. Suitable for people who do not have time to go to the gym Or go to sports You can do it yourself at home, even if there is little space. It should be done on a weekly basis to make exercise more effective and effective. But the key is Should warm up the body 10 minutes before washing to stretch the muscles ready before exercise. So that no injuries will occur

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