5 ways to exercise, lose weight

Any friends who are looking for a way Exercise to lose weight. We have 5 methods that are the most ideal choice. Because it will help you burn fat quickly and quickly. It is also good for your health.

Each exercise It will stimulate the metabolism differently. And because there are different types of exercise options to choose from, Have you ever wondered if What kind of exercise should we do? To help you lose weight the best In this article, we will introduce 5 methods of exercise to lose weight that people want to be in good shape. Must hurry and follow immediately Because we select only exercise methods that help burn fat in particular What are some ways? Hurry up and go and see.

1. Running to lose weight

Whether running slowly, running fast, or running stationary, they all help you burn fat. Because it is a cardio exercise that directly stimulates the heartbeat and metabolic system. Which running can burn calories up to 566-839 kcal / hour ever

Anyone who wants to lose weight urgently We recommend interspersed runs, for example, starting with a 60-second sprint, alternating with a 30-second resting, and keep doing this for one hour for the best results. Because of running heavy and light This type of cardio is called Interval Training, it is an exercise that increases the body’s metabolic level.

2. Walk up-down the stairs.

It is the most suitable exercise method for lazy people. Because just walking – up and down the stairs It can burn calories up to 452 – 670 kcal / hour. It can also help increase the strength of the leg muscles as well. This is for better performance. It is recommended to walk, run, or hold a dumbbell along with it to stimulate your metabolism even further. Who doesn’t recommend holding a water bottle instead? Choose according to the weight that is suitable for us.

3. Jump rope

For anyone who is inconvenient to exercise outside the home Rope skipping It is a way to exercise to lose weight. That can be released at home And is a very effective method By jumping rope for 1 hour can burn calories up to 667 – 990 kcal.

But also have to jump in the correct way too To prevent problems with ankle and knee osteoarthritis. The right way to jump rope Should be light weight. On the front of the soles of the feet Avoid putting weight on your heels to reduce the risk of ankle injuries. And in jumping rope to reduce weight should not jump very high off the ground. Also, relax your shoulders and wrists while jumping rope.

4. Weight training

Although weight training is focused on building muscle rather than cardio. But this is the shortcut to slimness that will give you double results. Because when the muscle mass in our body increases It will stimulate the body to burn excess fat than ever before.

And another advantage of weight training is that after training is done The body will continue to burn energy. Even though we are still While other exercises Most of the time, the body stops burning along with the fact that we stop exercising.

5. Cardio weight loss kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing (kickboxing) is the application of boxing and boxing to aerobic exercise. Combined with various body exercises It helps us to gain cardio and exercise all parts of the body at the same time. This type of exercise helps to lose fat easily. Burn calories up to 582 – 864 kcal / hour.

Besides helping you lose weight The act of kicking and punching us can also help us relieve stress as well. It is advisable to do 90 seconds of kickboxing exercises, alternating with 30 seconds of rest, as this will improve metabolic efficiency the best. Because it is a heavy and light exercise Help accelerate the body’s metabolic system.


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