3 exercises to build muscle For those who play magic before

Doctor Art from the DoctorVIP page and Coach Tu from Fit Formula Thailand will introduce 3 exercises for those who have some basics in doing bodyweight exercises. Could be a little challenging But get very effective without wasting time

Exercise 1 Circular push up.

-Perform a normal push-up motion, but keep your arms about 45 degrees wider than your shoulders.
-Push up once, then step your left hand into a narrow angle.
-Push up one more time and move your right hand sideways at a wide angle.
-Do this and turn it around in a circle.
-If anyone has not yet May put the knee down first Will be more easily done

Exercise 2 Curtsy Lunge

-Stand straight, with one leg crossed and obliquely back. Like the removal of lotus. With the instep attached to the ground Bend down until your knees are close to the ground.
-Stand straight up and do the other side switch.
-Try to balance your body well.
-Do 8-10 times per side, 2-3 sets.

Exercise 3: Squat, Walk up, Push-up (Squat, Walk up, Push up).

-Squat in normal position 2 times first.
-Place your hands on the ground trying to stretch your knees taut. Then gradually walk with his hand to climb forward Until the position in the normal push-up position
-2 pushups
-Walk your hand back in a standing position. Counted as one set
-Makes about 8 sets.
-These 3 poses are suitable for moderate to advanced exercise. Want to save time To be able to use the muscles throughout the body in a short time And it makes sense that exercise is not boring and monotonous as well

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