10 foods you shouldn’t eat before exercising

To recharge before exercise Helps to have more energy to do sweaty activities. But must also choose to eat Because many foods can affect exercise. Therefore, it should be avoided or at least not eaten about 1-2 hours before any activity, and here are 10 things that should be avoided before exercise.

1. Dairy products, yogurt

Causing problems with the digestive system And can feel colic Even if it is someone who is allergic to milk as well, it is even bigger.

2. Sugar

Raises blood sugar Resulting in a feeling of fatigue, dizziness And can cause energy to shrink

3.Various nuts

Causing gas in the stomach And bloating If it is for good, you should avoid eating 6 hours before exercise.

4. Hummus, the most popular snack

Even though it is good for health But is a hard-to-digest carbohydrate Therefore it is better to eat after exercise

5.Soda water

Causing gas in the stomach And bloating as well Also, most of them contain high amounts of sugar.

6. Spicy food

In addition to having to take a long time to digest It can also cause colic. It is best to refrain from exercising 12 hours before exercise.

7. Alcohol

Causing the body to lose or dehydrate And also makes you feel tired Therefore, it should be abstained at least 1 day before exercise.

8.Fried and high fat foods

Better to skip pizza or burgers. Before exercise because it is difficult to digest and can cause problems with the digestive system.

9.High-sodium foods Salty food

Will make us have to drink a lot of water And high amounts of sodium can dehydrate the body.

10. Cabbage

Causing gas in the stomach And bloating Therefore should be avoided before exercise as well

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