8 mixed exercises Heavy on many parts of the body in a short period of time.

It cannot be denied that today’s youngsters have many tasks that must be performed on a daily basis. Reduce the time to take care of yourself too. But despite how much less time to exercise It does not mean that you will have a body that is as fit as you could dream. Just knowing how to exercise properly can perform a full exercise as well. Today, Gearbox.com introduces 8 exercises that focus on multi-muscle exercises from menfitness website for you to try out.

1.Dumbbell Squat and Press

Hold dumbbells with both hands Turn the palms towards the body Place your hands on the shoulder position. Then start the movement in a squat position. When you reach a stand up stroke, raise your arms all the way And pull the arm into the shoulder position as before, count as 1 time, do a total of 4 sets of 4 times, this position will strengthen the thighs, shoulders, chest and back at the same time.

2.Split Squat and Cable Row

Pose in a right kneeling position Stretch your left leg in front. Grasping the cable in his right hand, Yan arm taut, when ready, began to move by standing up and pulling his right arm towards him. Then, squat and arm to the same position, count 1 time, do 2 sets, 4 times, switch legs and switch to hold the cable end with the left hand and continue 2 sets of 4 per set. I guarantee that the chest, upper arms and legs will be much stronger.

3.Dumbbell Step Up and Press

Stand with dumbbells at shoulder level. Facing the platform Then step the right foot up, using only the power from the right leg. Stand on the platform with one leg and raise the dumbbell over your head. Before lowering the arm to its original position. And step down to the bottom count as 1 time, doing a total of 2 sets, 4 times per set, then switch to step up with the left leg, a total of 2 sets, 4 times per set, in addition to training the leg, shoulder and back muscles and also practice Balance as well

4.Squat and Cable Row

Stand upright, facing the cable player. With your hand facing up, pull the bar-shaped end toward you at chest level. Begin the movement with the squat rhythm. When fully bent, stretch your arms taut. Later in the rhythm to get up, pull the end of the cable towards you as before, it is counted as 1 time, making it 4 sets, 4 times per set with a bit of speed. It will produce results just like cardio training ever.

5. Romanian Deadlift and Bend Over Row

Prepare a well-weighted barbell and hold it with both hands. Stand your torso upright. Begin the deadlift movement by leaning your torso forward with your arms comfortably released, so that the barbell is lower than your knees, then pull the barbell up to your torso. And release the barbell in the same position Before getting up in a prep position All of this is counted as 1 time, done 10 times in total.

6. Renegade Row

Set up a push-up position. Spread legs as wide as the shoulder blades And both hands held dumbbells And then began to move by pulling the dumbbell machi with his arms one by one Starting from the left And then pull on the right Be careful not to twist your torso as this will prevent you from doing full exercise of your arms and shoulders. When you pull both left and right at the same time, count as one, doing 4 sets of 4 times each, so you can work out your arms, chest, shoulders, and abs at the same time.

7.TRX Atomic Push Up

Add difficulty to your pushups with the TRX. Start doing the same push-ups, your torso upright, your legs stretched out with your feet on the TRX ends, then start pushing up. After having pushed himself up Then pull the leg towards you Keep your knees as close to your chest as possible and stretch your legs. Count as one time Do 2 sets of this pose of 10 times each, which will help strengthen your arms and abs.

8. Side Plank and Cable Row

Don’t let the time while doing the plank poses to be wasted. When you can add a variety of exercises If you don’t believe it, try Side Plank and do Cable Row.Start by lying on your side with your right arm on top of the cable, then pull the cable 10 times with your right arm before changing to the other side and using the left arm to do the same amount. 10 times too, but while pulling, only exert your arms, shoulders, and chest. Otherwise, it may relax the abdominal muscles, making exercising the Side Plank pose not as effective as it should be.

I assure you that the exercises we recommend today are those that allow you to exercise multiple parts at the same time. Saves time They also provide good results. Men can combine these poses with other regular exercises to get better results.

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