7 ways to observe behavior Is this work serious or just tease the chicken to get to know each other!

Many people may have heard the love story of old people like our parents. When it comes to flirting with each other, it takes a lot of effort to let the other person know how much they love him. Both using writing a variety of letters Both secretly waiting in front of the cinema Until gathering courage to go to the parents of the other side to confirm this stability

Cut to the present day Communication is fast. I want to talk to anyone, just say hello to a private chat. Stay tuned for the likes and comments. Or even requesting to become a girlfriend through the application It makes many girls feel bad. Fear that I am just a passageway or a toy. Sometimes it can be so heavy that it becomes the victim of a crush. (In which the behavior of men and women overlap, see how Check here)

Therefore, in order for the girls to know as well as the young men Do not have to sit and worry that it will be poured. Pigbox.com, so I would like to take 7 things that can be said that this guy is serious and has not flirted with anything.

1. He is trying to find out if we are “single”.

Whenever we are in the conversation And then the young man tried to speak, trying to speak out that he was single. That could mean that he just wanted to tease us, not wanting to flirt. But if he traces that we are still single or not That is the sign that he will come to flirt with us. That bluntly said that single is in order to make us interested, want to try dating him seriously with that.

2. He invites us to talk more serious matters.

People who wish to come in and flirt will not be very curious about our personal stories. And they tend to just find a few things around them, or sometimes just mention the same joke. Which told many women before As for the men who hope to flirt with us seriously He will be eager to know our story. Both things like What’s not to like Leisure activities, views of life, listening with willingness Look in your eyes every time you speak If you come across someone like this It was assumed that he would definitely want to flirt with us as a girlfriend.

3. He does exceptionally good to just one of us.

Girls must be careful with this a little bit. Because many young people have a nice habit from birth and always offer help. We women might accidentally think that it is because he hopes to flirt with us or not. In fact, he did this with everyone. But watch carefully, if he does this to everyone and accidentally makes you more special. Plus time to be close to us He was happier and happier than with other people. That translates to the fact that he really wants to flirt with us.

4. He is interested and tries to find things to talk to us all the time.

People who hope to be serious with us and those who wish to play, are not difficult to see at all. Like people coming to flirt with, or just having a good relationship He will listen and laugh at every joke we play. There are a few sentences to chat, but most of them are more inviting. When it comes to being a man who hopes to woo us seriously He will always be able to talk to us and invite to talk and send jokes. You can say that you do not have to sit and try to talk and talk to the same headache.

5. He tried to ask for our help.

If it happened a year later that the man greeted us to ask for help. That is not a sign that he wants to be serious about us, it may just rely on when in trouble. But if there is no matter Then he tried to ask, for example, where should I buy pants, is there a restaurant to recommend? Ask each other for help almost every day. Showing that I would have sure hope

6. He walked in and greeted him, even though he was in a opposite direction.

If a man who has talked to us accidentally walks over and has a reason to not say hello due to talking to others After that, he might just send a message to apologize for not being greeted. As for those who hope to be serious with us Even if they crossed the path, they would follow us in time. Ready to come to Seihai and chat with me, of course, there is a great opportunity to meet each other’s face like this.

7. He tries to come close to us.

A man who is really interested in wanting to flirt with us will try to get as close to us as possible. Sometimes it may subconsciously mimic our gestures while conversing. In addition, when standing, it will turn directly towards us, both feet and body. In order to let people know that they are standing talking with only 2 people, but when they stand to deflect. And turn to talk to us only Show that he is giving other women the opportunity to come and talk to him as well.

Ladies, try to take all 7 of these points to observe the young men who come to talk to you. That what he does is doing good in general or hope for us. And this time we can cut off those who are not serious about us from the beginning.

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