10 ways to make your boyfriend come back How stubborn they have to give up on you!

It is a common matter of couples. There must be an argument. Or confuse each other as per nature But when it actually happened, it wasn’t a problem that could be easily solved. Plus creating uneasiness for both parties Even if the boyfriend is a touchy side as well Tell me it’s a big deal, it’s genuine. Because most women are accustomed to waiting for him to reconcile Until he forgot that men are upset and are touchy too

1. Make a phone call

For some couples, a direct confrontation when they feel sorry for each other Will make you feel uncomfortable Don’t know what to do And possibly even irony to make the situation even worse By making your voice go along the line, it will be easier to talk about the lingering things in your mind. But if the man does not answer the phone Don’t get hurt just yet Because he may be in an important business The key is to never hit the phone. Because it becomes possible to annoy the other party

2. Send messages with cute songs.

If your boyfriend is still hot and you two are far apart. It is recommended to send a short apology message and tell how much you feel guilty and lonely without him. And do not forget to attach a song that has a good meaning as well, the more you record your own singing, the better. Tell me, anyone who listens must be weak. Or secretly have some lollipops

3. Go for a surprise at home

In case you argue with your boyfriend over the phone Should be allowed to calm down. Give him a bit of personal space And then choose the right rhythm, do practice reconciliation with beautiful dress to him at home Without having to tell in advance They might even prepare a sweet speech or a small gift to surprise them.

4. Make a special meal for yourself

Try to use the charm of preparing a meal that includes only the men’s favorites. No matter how heavy your curl is Just seeing the food you like on the table I have to know immediately that you intend to do it for him and smile for sure. For those who are not good at going to the kitchen, they do not have to worry. Because now there are recipes for making simple and cute desserts, do not need an oven to follow.

5. Make handmade items for you

Making your own gifts like sewing pillowcases Fold the paper into a heart shape into a jar. Make a double photo album Or use a program on your phone to edit video clips It is a good way of expressing your efforts, determination and guilt. It also makes him look like a delicate woman who cares about him as well. Found this wood, who does not lose touch It’s too callous!

6. Pay a favorite item.

If you don’t have time to sit and tidy up things by yourself Grab the spay woman’s settler Buy men’s favorite gifts like computer games. The latest gadgets Or a cool shirt, a beautiful watch, to reconcile Is a quick idea And makes you men smile easily as well

7. Reminisce

Who is touched by the boyfriend? But still live together normally (Just might be lonely Or a bit strange atmosphere) try inviting him to a place for the first date. This is to relive the moments when you guys flirted with each other. This method not only brings a smile to your good memories, but also helps the two of you to remember: To be in love, it is not easy. Don’t focus on fighting like this.

8. Sincerely apologize and adjust our understanding.

The best solution when in a misunderstanding is to sincerely apologize. Acknowledge your mistake. And actually repent after apologizing It is best to make it clear what each person’s reasons and feelings are. Will know how to adapt Make both parties happy And do not repeat the same mistakes before doing this method Make sure that both you and him reduce your own intolerance. Ready to listen to each other calmly So that no sarcasm will occur Or arguing until another big argument

9. Hug as tight as possible.

Sometimes body language is better for expressing feelings than words. Gather your courage and walk in to hug your boyfriend as tightly as you can. To say that you love him so much that you don’t want to lose him. With the promise that it won’t make you feel bad again Found this kind of pearl If he still loves and cares the same In any case, hug, answer and forgive you, of course, confirm it.

10.Change yourself for him to see.

Think about what he has complained to you about. And try to change at that point. Changed to put on a dress that looks cute and more neat Or if you ever dealt with doing housework Try to get up and wash the dishes, sweep the house, rub the house to please him It might sound like a small thing, but it might make your boyfriend love you quite a bit.

Because love requires understanding and forgiveness. When you get the chance Can apply these methods to be adapted according to the habits of your boyfriend Before losing him without even a chance to reconcile

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