5 ways to reconcile a boyfriend To come back to understand each other as before

Usually people who are fans Whenever a woman becomes tingle Men have a duty to reconcile cotton until some women think that men should not be touchy. Or even to touch, it would not take long But some men are not always like that. When it comes up that a woman like us may be frustrated. Because I don’t know how to find a good way Today we have a way to reconcile a boyfriend to have a result. I certify that I do. Completely disappear

1. Say sorry from the heart.

In fact, the anguish of the boyfriend shown. He probably didn’t want that much. Besides hearing the word “sorry” honestly comes out of your mouth. Not talking loudly, because it only makes the situation look worse. The best way to do this is to apologize, honestly, with a sincere fight. Make mistakes, then admit your mistakes accidentally, you may get his heart from this point is possible.

2. Use the enduring charm to fight

Sometimes the manic symptoms of men are simply allergic to things like the escalating charm of our women. It could be a surprise mood for a small homemade meal with a menu that he likes. This way, the boyfriend will see the intention of being in love. It’s not just a playful reconciliation. Try eating delicious food, it should be in a good mood. More accepting to listen to you Maybe I might forget the touchy feeling at all.

3. Try hard

If your boyfriend is so angry that he doesn’t take the test, doesn’t reply, the line is gone until you feel bad. If so Maybe you need to give him a little time to think about it. Don’t pressure him to get your apology hurry, but you can use the smoothing method by buying this one for him. While writing the first short notes, maybe there is still a play But believe it, if you try and know the cause of the fight And edit it to your liking He will surely weaken.

4. Make fun of it.

Is another way to create a lot of color By sending them funny pictures and videos to make him feel better. Or send it as your own clip (Let him see and disappear. Get angry. Not that angry harder than ever) try to get in and open it when Will miss you and make up for sure

5. Modify for the better

Even though he apologized and he started talking more and more with you. But not that you are complacent. Go back to your old habits and behaviors, and you should hurry and improve the bad habits that cause you to fight. So that he might get lost And forgive you more completely Because forgiveness will mean nothing if you keep the same behavior because you don’t know when. That you will reconcile him for the last time

People love each other should have to forgive each other. But at the same time, we also have to learn our own mistakes. And improve oneself Not that you made a mistake Must sit and wait together It only makes the relationship worse. Anyone who wants to have a girlfriend to stay together for a long time, must hurry to improve immediately ^ ^

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