5 things that ruin your marriage without knowing it

After marriage, we never know if we will be able to spend a lifetime with the loved one. Because sometimes, love alone doesn’t always guarantee everything. The passing of time may make love fade until each other’s disadvantages are seen. Including making us accidentally do things that make love worse without knowing Which today we have compiled 5 things that should be avoided in order to sustain a marriage. What will be there? Let’s go see it.

1. Not as close as before.

After the wedding, many couples became separated. Where having more opportunities to be together doesn’t make anything better Because each person has different responsibilities And believe that they are married, they do not need to be sweet like they did when they flirted But actually after the wedding you need to pay more attention to each other than before. Because we must encourage each other Especially during difficult times

2. Do not respect each other.

That doesn’t mean you have to obey everything he says to show that you respect him. But you should pay attention to the opinions. Does not insult his efforts And regardless of whether he is lost in front of other people as well To make him feel that he is worth in your eyes The same way you want yourself to be worth in his eyes.

3. Become boring

If, after getting married, you become sociable and sit in front of the TV all day without moving and keep calling and pecking him to hurry home every day. In addition, you will also feel bored of your own monotonous life. So try to find free time to go out to the movies with friends to add some color to your life. So as not to be obsessed with his own affairs And make your weekend more fun too

4. Release until worn out

That you should turn to take care of yourself Not for him alone But for yourself too Because of turning to take care of beauty for yourself every day In addition to helping him to charm you and you do not have time to turn to look at other girls. It also gives you confidence to make you feel better about yourself.

5. Losing your personality

To how much you want to adapt to him Should not change so much that you lose yourself Because if he really loves you I have to love you just the way you are. So if there are any disadvantages that he doesn’t like and you want to fix it. Should adjust to follow him But if this is something that you are sure is doing right and that makes you happy with yourself. There’s no need to lose yourself for him.

In addition to taking care of her husband It should act as a good mother to your children as well, as this will make your husband love and turn to look at other people.

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