Of course, “Our girlfriend must be possessive as a common item” but it is also very common. To have other women who like to come and admire Cha Ma Chai Ta for our girlfriend or simply say “Lure” If our girlfriend doesn’t think anything, then go !!! But if we start to feel that he has started to interfere with our girlfriend too. Until making the feeling uncomfortable How do we have a way of dealing with this situation? In order to announce a warning that “I am beginning to dislike the fact that she has messed with my girlfriend.”

1. Study the opponent information.

If you can smell strange smell. And think that this woman is luring her girlfriend, we ask all girls to hold the motto “I don’t know my face.” Who she is and where she comes from, for the most part, women will catch your boyfriend. Often it is a colleague. May be his friend Or it could be an old boyfriend who wants to come back to light the old love.

2. Declare yourself “I am the real one”

Perhaps the situation of flirting with the villagers will end. When you yourself declare that it is very clear that “I’m the real one,” if the woman knows a little bit of common sense. And being good enough That girl must try to give up the idea of ​​flirting or flirting with our boyfriend.

3. Do not let go of stupid behavior.

When knowing that there are women who do not know who come to lure our fans First, you have to remind yourself. That is, do not show any stupid behavior like ranting at each other even though they have not investigated the matter before. Because the more we show the more stupid Our girlfriend is the one who will start to feel bored. And only more uncomfortable with us What do you think is too frivolous to take You can let go of the blur.

4. Do not hurt your competitors.

Because real life is not like a drama that you will have to plan to get your boyfriend back. Just know… In addition to your boyfriend looking at you badly. This behavior also increases the compassionate score of the unknowingly competitor. If a rival girl seduces your boyfriend in front of you, just act like a monk. (But not too generous) and behaves to look better than her, including thought, manners, and various expressions. Sounds difficult, right? But you need to do it !!!

5. Stop thinking about it.

We understand the jealousy that occurs when a woman seduces her boyfriend. Is caused by too many thoughts Some matters may not be true or have not happened yet. Do not think until the thought of making a fight. Try to relax, do not even have to sit paranoid until he does not have to go anywhere. And had to sit back and report on who each day met So that he mistakenly lied You will get caught red-handed, right?

Honestly, the flirting from another woman will never be able to ruin the relationship between the two. If we choose to hold the hand of the lover with understanding Tell me, even if there are tens, few, hundreds more seductive women in front It will certainly not destroy your relationship ^ ^

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