How to flirt with a guy, 7 simple techniques, this job does not have birds – not ugly.

Nowadays, the era when women like us have to sit and act embarrassed. In order to wait for a man to flirt first Because if you keep waiting Say you will probably have to hug the pillar for a long time, but will get up and walk and get your phone number. Exchange lines at that moment Some people may not dare. And afraid that it will look too ugly Today, the jar dot com has How to flirt with a guy in a very smooth way, I can assure you that the other person does not know for sure.

1. Jokes always help.

Everyone wants to be with people we feel comfortable with. When talking to him, you can try to release some funny jokes. These jokes This will dissolve the behavior between you and him to get closer to each other. It also creates an image for women to look as approachable. Looks like a positive woman. But it doesn’t have to be funny in everything in life. Just wish to have some beauty in yourself

2. Do not be embarrassed until you look arrogant.

We believe that this symptom is likely to occur in all women. When I saw someone I liked passing by It is a must to keep symptoms to look cool. Acting like I don’t feel anything But in my heart, I want to walk in and say my heart is broken Or simply act arrogant at the other person’s face like that (So ​​he thought we weren’t interested) Reduce your arrogance ego some. Meet each other and greet each other. Smile for each other Will be embarrassed until the face blushes, then let go Maybe he might like the way you look embarrassed like this.

3. Be yourself

Most men like women who are natural, friendly, so don’t be afraid to express yourself. For example, if you have a good talk, playful, good smile, good mood, fun and hilarious, just show it. For him to see as much as this, anyone would want to approach And it is considered a charm that will help attract him to turn interested in wanting to get to know your identity more then.

4. Say hello to chat first, it’s not wrong.

“Greet him good or bad.” “Say it first and will see if it is flirting or not.” Stop thinking a lot first. The fact that we already greeted the chat It’s not wrong And it doesn’t mean you have to say hello forever. In the beginning you may need to be diligent. Replying to @Amouranth But after I try to observe that How did the other party react? Try to silence some. Look if he has greeted us. Something like this, it looks well. In which direction we will continue our relationship

5. Talk about how two people get along well.

The best way to learn is to talk to one another. When getting to know what he likes Or are already interested in something You just need to find information that interests him or her as a topic of conversation. I assure you that it will make you and him talk to each other as long as you like. Until there may be an opportunity to develop a relationship

6. Pay attention, but not too much.

Always show that you care and let him know that you care about details about him, such as knowing what he likes, what he dislikes, which will impress him with you. Including when he has a problem, it should show concern and care and should encourage him. But even so, there should be some distance. Not too much Do not intervene too much that makes him uncomfortable. Because we women are observant Remember the details with precision (Until sometimes it is too scary), so do not show his attention to every detail. It is estimated that the emotions are overwhelmed, wanting to take care of him too much. Be careful, it will become a negative power. Pushing him away without even knowing May even be able to flirt, never get caught.

7. Make use of your friendship

“Not a fan. It’s still good to be a friend. ”It may sound like a beautiful world. But if using the method of flirting until the end of this world Still not falling in love with us Maybe you just have to accept the fact that You and him may not be suitable for a romantic relationship. If so, they will actually be friends with no harm. May be difficult at first But you will be able to adjust yourself But it’s not certain. Be friends for a while Feelings may change by themselves, who knows.

In any case, the way we tell It is a simple way that many people may overlook. Sometimes the beginning of a relationship Started with a natural conversation There is no need for many inventions Take sincerity in exchange Whether the relationship ends as a girlfriend or a friend We believe that it is always worthwhile for the two of you ^^

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