How frenzy is love? Let’s check if you are in the category of love mania right now or not.

Mania love the most popular symptoms that have been discussed a lot among teenagers. Today we will take you to know that How are the symptoms of love mania and check together whether you are currently in the category of love mania or not.

Nowadays, there are new teenage words coming out for us to keep updating each other. One of which is the word “Mad Love”, which is believed to be that many people must have heard it through their ears. But have you ever wondered what the symptoms of love mania are, is it abnormal or not? Then these symptoms are love Or just fascinated To help resolve concerns about this matter Today, will take everyone to get to know more about the symptoms of frenzied love.

What is Crazy Love?

Limerence of love, or limerence, is a human psychological state resulting from a feeling of like. Passionate, violently mad It was invented in the 1970s by American psychologist Dorothy Tennov.

Love mania Is it dangerous?

It must be explained first that the love mania is not a psychiatric symptom. But it’s a mental state that can happen to all human beings, so it’s absolutely harmless. But if you are so mad in love with someone that it interferes with their privacy. Or make you only think about him all day until you can’t concentrate And affect in daily life Should immediately change their behavior and thinking.

What are the symptoms of love mania?

For those who are now confused by their own feelings. Let’s check the list to see if you are in the category of love craze or not.

1. Feeling passionate and crazy about objects. Or a person that has never been like this before And be obsessed with it day and night

2. I often fantasize and dream of the sweetest future with that person. Causing distraction, for example, imagining being in a relationship Or dream of a wedding And create a family with that person, etc.

3. Feel comfortable and safe every time you are with that person. Until you want to be with him all the time

4. You only look at his advantages. And easily overlooked all the disadvantages Until making him the perfect person in your eyes

5. Investigate information about who he is currently talking to or dating. And feel jealous of everyone who intervenes with him Whether it is a friend, a senior or a junior, even though it is not

6.Feeling distracted And unable to concentrate Until affecting daily life Because he thought too much about that person

7. Feeling excited, nervous, interrupted, or even trembling, sweating, and dizzy, as if he fainted every time he was around him.

8. Mood swings easily when he’s interested in you will feel very happy. But if when he doesn’t care You will be very unhappy as well.

9. You can’t feel without him. Just imagining that tomorrow he will vanish from life can instantly make you feel more sad.

Mania symptoms, how can I cure it?

Love mania is a human psychological state that, when it arises, can be mitigated. Or recover from these symptoms with the following solutions

1. Get to know the symptoms of love mania.

You should get to know the symptoms of love mania first that it looks like. And now you fall into those symptoms or not. After realizing it, I gradually began to fix it one point at a time.

2. Get to know him better.

After getting to know the symptoms of love mania It’s time for you to get to know him. The symptoms of love mania are most likely to occur in the early stages of a relationship. Which is normal But as time goes on, you get to know him more and more. And see you more in real life Will gradually reduce the manic symptoms of love

3. Do not let the love mania influence your life.

When we feel so deeply in love with someone, it will surely make us think only about him or her so that we cannot concentrate. If this is the case often, it may affect work, study and daily life. Therefore, if you feel that you are experiencing a mania, adjust your behavior and thoughts immediately so that these symptoms do not influence your future life.

4. Find activities to do at leisure.

If you feel that you are starting to have a love mania. It is advisable to try doing activities to help you miss him less. This could be a simple activity that can be done every day, such as watching movies, listening to music, shopping, or exercising, etc.

When getting to know the symptoms of mania for love If anyone has symptoms that fall within the scope of the above, do not panic. Because mania is a mental state that can happen to anyone. And can be modified But even so, it should be just as madly in love as it should not be too obsessed. Because it can cause loss of self and may affect your life.

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