9 tricks used to conquer ex-girlfriend hearts Awaken the burnt coals to rekindle

Sometimes love arrives at a stalemate. Causing the relationship to end and each side dispersed to find a new life partner True, after a breakup, there may be many people passing through. But in the end, the right person is the right person, making many young people still miss their ex and forget her. Ready to tell myself, if there is a chance, will go back to flirt again

But let me tell you guys, winning your ex’s heart again isn’t as easy as you think. Because after the breakup, the women will create a thin line that separates them.

And this is a technique to win the hearts of ex To let the weak hearts come back to love each other again.

1. Connect all of her social media.

Forget about the anguish of the past. And manage to unblock all social media or contact channels Because now you need it. First of all, it doesn’t shine if you have someone new or not. If not, it means that the way is convenient. But remember, never start with a phone call. Because the other party will be shocked and unable to make it in time Instead, it’s a good idea to send some good memories from the past, such as a couple photos of a happy moment or a love song you sent to each other. These things will help rekindle the fire in her heart and make it easier to connect.

2. Make a slow, steady pace

Despite having been in a relationship before But that doesn’t mean you have more chances than others, as most women take about 3 months to forget. Then you will reduce it to only former acquaintances. So you shouldn’t do anything too quickly after talking back and forth. They’re not in the mood too much, you have to move forward one step at a time. Steadily and consistently Believe it, it’s never too late if you’re good enough for her to start over.

3. Make a call from time to time

So far, is everything better yet? If the relationship doesn’t seem to move, skip ahead. But if it’s clear Suggest that in any free day, try calling her. Change from text to a familiar voice. Try to have a comfortable conversation in order to relax the other person and strengthen the relationship. But keep in mind that Don’t cry, plead or force her to come back! Otherwise the game is definitely overrated.

4. Do not repeat the past.

When the door of the heart starts to open It is the time when the woman is the most sensitive! You have had direct experience. Don’t let it be past Take those mistakes as a lesson. And develop yourself to be cooler or avoid it Show them that you are new, not the same bad guy anymore. However, be careful not to repeat the mistake twice. Otherwise the game over again as well.

5. Show integrity

The only finisher that will open the door of your ex’s heart to walk back in again is pure honesty. It is the most important thing for them. And most women tend to have a sense that Is this comeback really a hundred or not? If you don’t have a good hope, prepare to eat water chestnuts with Asiatic water.

6. Approach your best friend.

Regardless of the matter, women often consult close friends and put those answers in their head. If all of her best friends say “no” at the same time, your chance is zero! So you should approach Show sincerity And treat yourself well with the close person of your ex To help them heal your wounds, you have the opportunity to take care of her again.

7. Don’t compare your new girl with your old love.

Don’t think that she will be the same old person as you did in the past. Because after the concession, the woman may have an attitude adjustment. Bug fix Change the habit until it is like a new person You have to be open minded, learn and accept this point as well. Do not ask her to come back to the same person. Or compare it with her in the past It shows that you are not really in love, just yearning for better memories.

8. Take the romance to help

Courage, sincerity and consistency are the main drivers of your hope come true. While romance was the support that made her open up even more. On the big day, you can make a surprise, a bouquet of beautiful flowers with a card, write a message, or compose a poem, sing in a clip, send it to you. Tell me all the things in your heart Why is it you Falling in love over and over again and why? And will understand that this sweet corner is equally important

9. Don’t give up hope.

As I said Being an ex doesn’t help you have more privileges than any other, less careless person. Because you created the scars for her. Say it is difficult to remove that scar. But not really desperate at all Attempts never hurt the intended people. Show your stance that you are ready to change things for the better, be steadfast and not discouraging, some of them will take years to come back and do well for 2 weeks and give up. No ex-boyfriend has opened up to you. Remember!

However, if you find that you already have a heart for someone new Do not force it to do things that should not be better. But for the boys who have the opportunity Then ask that you fight hard Try applying these techniques. I guarantee that I have a chance to win.

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