Opened 8 reasons why he chose people later

The situation a third party has entered. Whoever does not want this to happen But because everything in this world is uncertain. Today we may be the only one of my fans. But someday we may fall. Until it became someone who was not even chosen at all Therefore, coming first will not help. Do not be complacent, think that the cards are superior.

But the third hand problem If you look at multiple angles of this kind, clapping one hand won’t be loud. To blame the third party for the evil that destroys the love life, it may not always be true. Perhaps our own people have a part in opening the way. Or perhaps it is we ourselves who are causing love to shake. What makes true love lose to the third party? And why he chose someone later than us who have been dating for longer Let’s take a look at the possibilities of these answers.

1. Loneliness convulses

Sometimes in your relationship with your lover There may be obstacles such as long distances. No time for each other Job duties Rarely meet or have activities together Until the estrangement And makes loneliness gradually enter When fate leads to a meeting with a third party This may come in the form of a friend, relieving loneliness, close people and accidentally feeling a good fit, having time for fun chatting, listening to problems and filling happiness. Well, he’s ready to pour you. Then staggered to find someone new, of course

2. Our spoilers That he did not dare to tell

He’s looking for someone new It may be because of your own bad habits. But he did not dare to talk to you directly. Of course, first love each other new, both of them saw only the good. But when dating for a while Inevitably reveals the true element If you are a stupid, spoiled lover Force him all the time. There is no private space to each other. Plus not listening to the other party’s reasons Various incompatibilities begin to multiply and become boring problems. Finally, when he meets someone who is more compatible And better than we see, there is a need to denounce us in the end. In this event, both parties were wrong. Who refused to clear each other in the first place

3. He discovers that we are still “not” for him.

Sometimes it’s not that we are bad lovers. Only we are not for him. After having learned each other, it did not answer the question. But many people “endure” with their associates even though they are unhappy. Because I feel better than having to be alone Or have been together for a long time until used to Until I met a third person If that person has certain qualities that are more relevant than the current relationship Or simply call it feeling “yes” than what will happen is to decide to break up with the boyfriend who was dating. Or keep dating until you get caught

4. He’s not enough.

During dating with you You may not even know that he is a flirt! Plus not enough Always looking for someone who is better than us. Or he may feel that this love is not going to the way his heart desires. Therefore looking for people who are ready to give something better But do not forget that there is no perfect love in this world. When he left you with someone new There was also a chance that he would leave that person as well.

5. He was insincere with us in the first place.

When he dated you He may not have been serious or sincere in the first place. But may be associated with benefits Or with his personality like this So when a third hand comes in Or he meets someone who is more favorable He was ready to bounce to someone new without hesitation. And leave you without a care

6. Sex problems

The reason for sex is something that cannot be overlooked, according to Trustify, a network of famous private detective agencies. A relevant investigation of the cause of infidelity was surveyed, found that 23% of men said that the primary cause of infidelity was lack of sexual satisfaction, and 28% of women said that the main cause of infidelity was lack. Emotional satisfaction

Moreover, research published in the journal Huachiew University found that women are the main cause of infidelity due to love and close opportunities. The second most common cause is To satisfy sexual desires Or have interests involved The main reason for men is To meet their sexual needs and compensate for what the spouse does not have.

So if the taste of sex is already dull And he has the opportunity to taste new, more exciting and satisfying styles. That glamor was able to easily make him choose those who came later.

7. Love reaches saturation point

The word “saturated love” can be achieved with many couples who, after a while, there is no sweetness. There is no longer a point to learn. Some lucky couple Will be able to adapt and stay together steadily until it passes through this time But for the unfortunate couple Incidentally, a third hand came in during this time. Which is both more interesting More attractive More and more, accelerating the so-called “out of love” feeling more clearly Until he is ready to walk out of your life easily enough

8. Not holding hands tight enough.

This last reason Will happen only when he real strong third party Can provoke and seduce one party to be interested And at the moment when you and your lover are weak If the hands are not tight enough One The other gave up and did not want to fight. This love must end the game.

When he slowly looked at the reasons all around That third hand problem may hurt us. But it is not that you will be sad or afraid of love forever. We just lost people who do not love us. Try making this experience a lesson. Turn to love yourself a lot and move on to the next better.

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