Research indicates! Single women are happier than people who have husbands and children.

Today, the number of single women around the world is growing more and more, with a greater proportion of the female population than men. Moreover, they have the right to choose good people into their lives. Plus, women nowadays still have professions with a lot of salaries.However, the belief in single women – those who are not happy – are still deeply rooted in many societies. But if you come to listen to this professor revealing new research results The Single Girl Beliefs There will never be a happy day.

By Prof. Paul Dolan, professor of behavioral science. The University of London School of Economics and Political Science mentions single women at the Hay festival that people today can no longer take marriage and having children as the standard of happiness. Because data from one group of people has been collected for a long time to be researched It was found that women who were single were happier in many ways than married women.

If delving into health matters It was found that single women were healthier than women who had children and husbands. Because they like to spend time exercising on their free days. Or take care of yourself by eating clean food without worrying about anyone While married women do not have much time for themselves. Because after work, they have to take care of their children and their husbands and also have to eat the high-fat food that the husband eats Disease is easy to ask for. In terms of mental health Single women who are single with quality. Usually does not allow himself to sit lonely for a long time. When stressed out, they will go out to meet friends who are single together. Or do activities to relieve stress as you want Unlike married women who rarely have time to sit and rest their hearts. Tired of finishing work continued with an argument with her husband and children every evening. Until the point of having to secretly cry alone

However, single women may have some drawbacks that their financial status may not be as flexible as a married couple. By earning only one person, without any additional money from someone to contribute While people are married Have income from both sides together Therefore used to be more flexible than that Professor Paul Dolan also concluded that “If we are to pity the single women who cannot find happiness because they have no husbands and children We should turn to pity the woman who loves and marries the wrong man. Until it makes her lack of freedom and happiness, is it not better? ”

It can be said that each choice in life has advantages and disadvantages. If we choose to continue living a single life, we should do it every day to be happy and able to stand on your own feet. As for the one who chooses the life of having a family Must support and take care of her husband and children Serving as both a good wife and mother to the fullest would be better, ladies.

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