7 ways to run to lose fat Burns can focus on the problem of obesity.

Running is another way to lose weight and burn fat. Because it is an effective exercise It also does not require any equipment. Just having one pair of running shoes can work out. But runners probably feel discouraged as to why they don’t run thin even though they run consistently. Okay, if anyone has encountered this problem Try to implement these running methods. Ensure that the fat burning has increased as an emphasis.

1. Run further

Increasing your running distance is extremely beneficial for weight loss, anyway. Because the increased distance will allow the body to burn more body fat. Even if you run at a constant speed, it’s even better to get into it. However, it must also take into account the physical condition. Because if someone has a lot of weight and runs for a long time, it may cause problems with the knees.

2. When running, raise your knees high.

If you want your body to burn more Next time when you run, try lifting your knees higher, as elevating your knees while running will make your body feel like you’re doing two cardio exercises at the same time. It is also an exercise in the abdominal muscles as well, lose fat faster, break up the belly faster.

3. Switch to running before eating.

For those who exercise regularly, they probably already know that If going to exercise, it is better to exercise before eating. That is so because running before eating The body will pull out the accumulated fat to burn it as energy first. Allows us to burn more body fat than running after eating. While studies from the University of Glasgow agree on this. It was also found that running before eating can also help reduce fat in the blood. And if you want to get the best results, it is best to run before eating breakfast.

4. Take a break.

Even though running continuously helps the body burns well. However, a study in Japan found that dividing your run into two periods helped your body burn more than people who ran without rest. For example, if you run 60 minutes, start running 30 minutes before, then take a 20 minute break, then start running for another 30 minutes.

5. Increase the intensity of running.

If you think that your regular runs are still unable to burn the body fat stored in your mind. It is recommended that you change the way you run. With the introduction of HIIT techniques This will help increase the metabolism. And make jogging even more effective If you still can’t figure out what to do, let’s take a look at an example.

5 minutes of running

– Formula 1: 2 is 15 seconds fast, alternating with jogging for 30 seconds and going for 5 minutes.
– Formula 1: 3 is 15 seconds fast running alternating with 45 seconds of jogging and continuing to complete 5 minutes.
– Formula 1: 1 is running fast for 30 seconds, alternating with jogging for 30 seconds and going for 5 minutes.

6.Start training your muscles before you run.

The key to running exercise is to warm up before exercise to prevent injury. But did you know that Warming up with muscle training before running. Will cause the body to burn more fat accumulated Because usually, the body begins to burn fat deposits for energy 20 minutes after the start of exercise.In addition, if exercising for 20 minutes in a row and running, it will increase the endurance of the body by more than 50%. How about by training the muscles is Exercises such as squats, longs, or even more basic moves like sit-ups and push-ups. Or if you want to seriously train your muscles along with running. Weight training is also good.

7. Run more often

Exercise continuity is essential to losing weight and getting in shape. By running at least 2-4 times a week, it will improve your metabolism. In addition, running to keep in touch on a regular basis until it becomes a habit. Also enhances the endurance of the body Helps keep the body flexible And reduce the chance of injury from running as well You know this, you can’t be lazy anymore.

Even if you are committed to running a lot of exercise. But one thing that absolutely must not be forgotten is the availability of the body. No matter how much fat you want to burn. If the body cannot Exercise has only negative consequences. Therefore, taking into account the fit and availability better

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