How to prepare for a long distance bike ride Warm up before starting

Cycling may not be difficult. But for cyclists who want to cycle long distances There should be a full preparation of the body. For the actual long-distance cycling day, there will be no health problems or any obstacles, especially those who intend to go to the Bike Unairak event, come see how to prepare for the correct bicycle ride.

Before long-distance cycling

Thinking of cycling long distances Before riding, you should prepare as follows

1. Practice regularly.

Long distance cycling requires a heavy body. Therefore, cyclists should have regular training. At least 30 minutes a day to allow the body to adjust. Especially the lungs and the heart Regular practice will help improve blood circulation. And to warm up the lungs and heart in the body as well

The long distance drills Should increase the cycling distance or increase the cycling time to 1-1.30 hours at least 1-2 times a week using 60-70% speed or intensity and should increase the cycling time for a long period of 2-3. Hour to check the readiness of the body, too, that if you really ride a long-distance bike, we will be able to do much – how much

2. Don’t forget the dress rehearsal.

Rehearsal here means riding on real roads with steep slopes. There are bridges to go up, etc. because riding in a slope requires a lot of leg power. Also, you need to know how to use the right gear for your power and where you need to ride. Therefore, there should be a dress rehearsal. Which if unable to practice in the actual location At least choose a nearby location instead.

3. Stretch your body on a regular basis.

Cyclists need to use their leg muscles. Ankle muscles And all the lower muscles Therefore, before every cycling, there should be a core warm-up of the leg muscles as well. In addition, when cycling, you should start cycling slowly for 5-10 minutes, then gradually increase the speed until you reach the desired point.

4. Don’t forget the cooldown

After every cycling, do not forget to cool down your body to reduce waste buildup in muscle cells and reduce muscle aches as well. You can use stretching exercises as a cooldown move.

5. Pay attention to food.

For the strength of physical health We should eat all five food groups, but cyclists should focus on carbohydrates rather than meat and fat because meat is quite difficult to digest. Fat is the same. But carbohydrates are easily digested. And the body can extract sugar from the digestion of carbohydrates to use as energy immediately.

Oh! You should eat food 1-2 hours before cycling. Allowing the body to completely digest food before exercising But should choose to eat food that is clean and cooked to avoid the risk of gastrointestinal disease. And do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours

After exercise, focus on eating protein foods. In order to provide protein to repair the worn muscles in the body So get your meat, eggs and high-protein foods to the fullest.

6. Check the equipment to be ready to spin.

Check the bike to be in a condition ready to ride long distances. And should also check other equipment such as helmets, goggles, gloves, clothes, shoes, etc.

7. Take a break before riding.

After practicing for quite some time 2-3 days before the actual ride, you should give your muscles some recovery. It starts with reducing the training by approximately 40% until finally taking a break. The body will be able to fully recover itself.

8. Study hand signals.

If it is a group cycling We should not brake or change the lane suddenly. And should learn how to use hand signals in cycling as well For safe driving

9. Get enough sleep

1 day before the actual cycling day, the body should have at least 10 hours of rest because if not enough rest The body becomes easily tired. And functions of various parts of the body may be inefficient Makes you feel tired more easily than usual

Long distance cycling day

1. Eat food.

Before starting the start, we should prepare the body by eating carbohydrate foods such as wheat bread, oatmeal, bananas, etc. It is important to eat well before starting a bike for 1-2 hours to prevent colic during. Bike

2. Wear the right clothes

In long-distance cycling, wear well-ventilated clothing. And should be dressed to be vigorous Not wearing a scarf Or accessories that may make it inconvenient to exercise in any case

3. Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for cyclists. Therefore, when everything is ready, you should apply sunscreen to both your face and body.

4. Take your medicine with you.

Especially people with underlying diseases You should carry your medication with you. As well as should carry them with inhalants, drugs to relax the muscles, massage drugs Pain relief spray Take it with you.

5. Carry a little food

Foods that should be taken while cycling should be light foods that provide energy quickly, such as raisins, dried bananas, candy, sports drinks. Or power gel foods, etc. to increase blood sugar

6. Take a sip of water at regular intervals.

Riding a bike that is against the wind all the time may make you feel like you can’t sweat. In fact, the body is constantly sweating. Therefore, every cyclist should have a sip of water when feeling thirsty. Or should sip water every 15-20 minutes to prevent dehydration itself.

7.Change your posture

Cycling is in the same position all the time, causing fatigue in your hands, arms, legs, and feet, so if you’ve been riding for a while, try changing different postures and postures, such as shifting the position and angle of grip on the handlebars and torso. Move the neck and seat position on the saddle Relaxing the squeeze on the handlebar not too tight. To relieve fatigue

8. Consider the ability of your own health.

If you are cycling for a certain distance and you feel tired and unable to continue or feel sick or have any medical conditions, you should take a break or quit. Should not force the spin. So as not to cause the body to be more tired or injured

However, after the long distance cycling has ended. Do not forget the cooldown of the body as well. In addition, it should allow the body to recover for a while. Before the next long-distance cycling as well

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