10 exercises to create a six pack that are cooler than sit-ups

Many young people are looking for ways to exercise to build abs and other muscles at the same time. But I’m tired of having to do sit-ups Because how much practice does not work And want to find a new position so that the exercise is not boring If so, let’s take a look at the exercises we gathered to introduce first.

1.Split Stance Cable Lift

Start by stepping on the right leg back. Squat down with your left knee up. While using the left hand to pull the cable handle up While the right hand grasps the middle of the cable Then pull the cable up and push the center outward. Pull it towards yourself to return to the prep position. Then switch sides Practicing this pose will help work out your abs and shoulders.

2. Turkish Get-Ups

Prepare for this pose by lying down on the floor. Hold your right knee up and use your right arm to lift the kettlebell up to the end Spread your left hand sideways. Then push up to stand up And slowly return to the prep position and then switch sides It will help strengthen the muscles, arms, legs, shoulders and triceps.

3.Ab Wheel Rollouts

For this move you will need a device called the Ab Wheel to practice starting from kneeling on the ground. Use both hands to hold the device. Then slide the body forward until the end of the arm and pull the body back. This position will help strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduce back pain.

4.Dead Bugs

For Dead Bugs, it is a pose that helps to focus on building your abdominal muscles. Begin training by lying down on the floor and leaning on the wall with both hands. When ready, lift both legs. Then lift the left and right legs up – down alternately.

5.Suitcase Deadlift

Starting from standing with the barbell facing side Crouching down and holding the barbell firmly Then stand up slowly while lifting the barbell by keeping your arms straight by training the Suitcase Deadlift exercises will help you work out different muscles at once, including abs, lower back, thighs and hamstrings.

6.Hanging Leg Raise

Practicing the Hanging Leg Raise will help you build strong abs easily. Just hang the bar and place both hands as shoulder width. Then raise your legs as high as you can. Then relax slowly by this position not only helps build the abdominal muscles only. But also helps to strengthen the back

7.Side Plank

Start by lying on your right side with your right elbow pushing up. Left hand holding the waist And put the left foot over the right Hold this pose for as long as possible. Then practice switching sides It will help build strength for the abdomen and lower back.

8. Pushup Hold Walkouts

Prepare postures in a push-up position ready. Then push yourself down and go up all the way. Move both hands forward moderately and hold for 5 seconds and return to prep position. By practicing this pose regularly Will help to exercise the abdominal muscles as well

9.Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows will help strengthen your arm muscles effectively. Begin training by lying down under the bar. Use both hands to hold the bar firmly. When ready, apply force to pull the body up and down until the end.

10. Barbell Overhead Presses

Start by standing straight and placing your feet slightly apart. While lifting the barbell to rest on the chest Then push the barbell up all the way up to the arm and relax into the prep position. This exercise will help build strength in the shoulder muscles and triceps.

Having known this Anyone who wants to have a six pack and strong muscles then Can be used to practice I assure you that the stout puppet will definitely not escape anywhere.

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