Although the first relationship was sweet and overwhelming feeling of love for each other. Until the body is stuck together all the time But if it’s not true love, you may not have this feeling for long. So if you are feeling that you will really love this boyfriend? Or is it just the feeling of trying to love? We suggest 5 ways to check your feelings as follows.

1. Do you feel as good as before?

First, check yourself to see if you still feel good with your boyfriend or not? Is the feeling from the first day to the present still happy and happy every time you see the same face? Which if it becomes a feeling of indifference to put together, it may be because they have been together for a long time and become used to But if the more is also The more I don’t feel as good as before. Didn’t have any more happiness But it turns out to be a bad feeling or not wanting to see your face Tired of meeting each other This is an important warning that you may not really love him.

2. How comfortable are you when you’re together?

When having to be together How comfortable are you? If the more you stay, the more you feel annoyed. Don’t want to get close Or start to feel that being together is extremely boring, but being with friends or other people is more fun, it is another important sign that you are falling out of love.

3. Pay attention to details the same or not?

When it starts to love it is very important to pay attention to every detail of your loved one. Even a small detail You will pay the utmost care. But if at any point this care is getting less or maybe even forgotten. Until some people become forgotten, even important things, such as the food that fans cannot eat, and the things that their fans do not like to do. Or even the big days, that means you are starting to diminish with this love!

4. What is it like to meet a friend and girlfriend?

One more thing to measure whether you really love him or just want to try it out is how do you feel when you meet a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend? If you feel upset, resentful, and dislike, ask your boyfriend to advise your friend on what kind of relationship the two of you are in. Feeling embarrassed that your girlfriend recommends your friend that you are a lover Or even skipping to like a boyfriend’s friend It is a clear indication that you just want to try love. And do not want anyone to know in this relationship as well

5. What are you talking about?

When you meet, notice what you and your boyfriend have to say. If the general discussion of everyday life is discussed and you do not feel like listening or you are not paying attention. Including your boyfriend talking about the future and you feel bad. I don’t have any comments or I don’t want my fans to bring up this story again. That is another warning sign that you are definitely not taking love seriously.

If you don’t want to hurt both yourself and your partner. Because unable to continue walking together You should try to check your own feelings from these 5 methods. You should reconsider yourself and talk to your partner again. To improve understanding and talk to end this relationship as quickly as possible. So that no one has to hurt more

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