I don’t speak, I know it with 6 body languages. Say “I like it”. Just 2 people know.

For people with people who like it in their hearts When you have met him It is believed that there must be an almost impossible reaction. Which if the person you like has a heart for you as well Would have similar symptoms So if you want to know if your body language can really tell you like it or not? Let’s take a look at 6 body languages ​​that say “I like it” that you and him may know only 2 people with those body languages ​​as follows.

1. Eyes on Love

When it is said that the eyes are the windows of the heart Therefore, your eyesight is clearly an important body language that will convey your love to you. If you look in any way, always keep eye contact with the person you like. Or look and find that he is staring at you until he barely takes his eyes off. It also sends sweetness through the eyes that seem to be visibly softer. This is an indication that he definitely likes you.

2. Walk through often

Another body language that will make you clear that even if you don’t speak, you know right away that he likes to walk past you often. Each time, perhaps walk a distance, both near and far, and look only at you. Or may be walking almost until it hits the shoulder This walk through is not just once or twice, but often almost all day and every time you pass, there will always be a sight to be seen. That’s one of the key body languages ​​that tell you that you’re important, and he always wants to see your face.

3. Being close and having shortness of breath

If you have to be close to someone you like or something that excites you. Inevitably makes the heart rhythm more frequent Therefore, breathing is very short as well. If you can feel that a guy who is close to you has a lot of shortness of breath, then you know that it is the body language of suggestion that the body cannot keep.

4. Always lean close

Every time we talk The person who is secretly liking you will always lean in close to you. This is another important body language sign that lets you know you don’t like just people. But now it’s about to hit you.

5. Keep moving yourself.

While talking If it is talking within a group then talking to other people is not a problem. But whenever you turn to talk to you and start to move the tie, the shirt, the ring, or the parts of the jewelry and clothing. That is the shyness that makes it so obvious that he has a crush on you.

6. The voice began to change.

No matter how loud, high-pitched it is, or how loud it is. But if you meet someone you like, it will immediately lower your own volume. And also adjust the sound to be softer So if you want to know if he likes you or not? Try talking to him. If his talk is the same But the tone of voice changed Talk to other people in a normal voice. But talking to you every time will become soft, handsome and respectful, meaning that he is secretly having a crush on you.

If you want to know what body language can tell you that someone has a crush on you. You can try to apply these 6 body languages ​​to observe people you feel will be able to flirt with you. Then, whether you accept it or not, it depends on your personal preference.

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