16 signs that this guy “doesn’t love you”

In the relationship between the two people It’s not easy to walk hand in hand together. And it will be even more difficult if the other person or your man does not give you much. If you continue to endure this relationship You will only be the person giving you, without any feedback from the man. In the end, the person who hurts the most is you.

But before getting to that point Let’s take a look at that. How does your man behave towards you? If more than half of the quoted Then asked you to try to open up and talk to each other so that you can get off as well Or adjust to continue living together Better to use silence to solve problems. Because it cannot be solved And it will be even worse Then let’s see that 16 symptoms of men who do not have a heart for us. How will he show symptoms?

16 signs that this guy “doesn’t love you”

1. He lied to people and blamed you all the time.

2. He tries to leave a space between you and him. (May be apart for a day or two), ignoring your feelings.

3. He deceives you all the time. And every time he comes back to you regardless of how you feel.

4. He will use the silence to defeat you. When you are trying to get him to clarify the relationship.

5. He never cared about that Are you having a problem? And never thought of finding a way to help

6. He doesn’t care about you. Whether you are in a melancholy mood Or how much sympathy needs

7. He says that you are a problem in his life. And if you keep trying to survive in his life You have to find a way for him to come back and love you.

8.He never respects your privacy.

9.He threatens your feelings and emotions with heartbreaking words. Thinking that you need to learn

10. He will immediately shout at you and accuse you. When you ask about other women in his life

11. He’s going to cry out when he sees you crying or being upset for his actions.

12. He makes you feel like you are the wrong person all the time. And it’s always you who have to be the one to apologize

13. He makes you feel like a bad person. Making him feel bad all the time And it is he who should be taken care of mentally.

14. He laughs at your depressing mood. In what he sees as And when he sees you in this mood, he will walk away from you immediately.

15. He will be indifferent to expressing your feelings. Either you cry blood tears However, he was not interested anyway.

16. He makes you feel like you can’t control your emotions. And makes sense that the relationship between you and him It’s a difficult thing all the time.

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