Don’t ignore it, can you? Share a retaliatory trick, fans are not interested. Look at me as something to die for

People when we were dating for a long time. There must be some to feel indifferent. Don’t cook, sweet as before. But anyway How your girlfriend sees you as something dead Considered unacceptable The best way is Changing one’s behavior Let your girlfriend focus on you alone. Which methods are as follows

1. Turn their attention to their appearance.

Did you accidentally release yourself to the point where it was worn down or not? Look in the mirror carefully and ask yourself carefully. Consider going one point at a time, wrinkles on the corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth, chin, cheeks, fat that has accumulated around the abdomen. These things are sure to make the man bore you. Which is the best way you should turn to take care of yourself Starting from changing a new hairstyle to look bright May be able to color the hair to increase the youthfulness of the face as well. Or some people will start exercising, get fit and get pretty good today, it’s not too late at all.

2. Throw away old clothes from the closet.

Many people, once they have a girlfriend, begin to pay less attention to their clothing. Which if you are Another one who neglected to buy new clothes. Just because he saw that the old dress was still able to wear Should change this concept Then began to turn your attention to modern fashion and the style of dressing that makes you younger. Be precise at every degree Guarantee that your lover will not ignore it anymore.

3. Set a new password

Many women never bother to change their password on their smartphone. In addition, you can also give your lover a password. Did you know that these behaviors make him feel like you are dead? You will squeeze it, die, you will escape. What happened to you, why suddenly you have a secret

4. Hang out with friends

If since dating your lover You dedicate your life to him day and night. Wherever he goes Do whatever, you are always ready to follow. That means it is time for you to live your own independent life. Try going out to the provinces with friends. Or try changing new activities That you can do without waiting for your girlfriend I certify that he will wonder why you can change this much.

The transition from a handful of chicks to a young tiger mother It’s not easy to do. But requires a lot of effort You should think about the results. That from the indifferent fan Became following you all the time Guaranteed that it will be worth it.

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