9 habits of women That men are not happy with us? Quick check!

Than the boys Will decide to walk in to flirt with you Some people have to use tremendous courage. In the end, it turned out that the woman he had started flirting with had some unattractive personality. And makes young These choose to walk away from your life. Of course, the girls I definitely don’t want to see an event like this.

We recommend it to girls. Try to explore your own habits that are like these 9 types of girls or not, if yes, then ask to change yourself urgently. For the boys So that you will not walk away from your life for the second time again

1. Too strong for the face.

A woman who always takes care of her beautiful figure Is surely an impression on the young men I have seen it, but if those girls are back several inches larger than the arms of the young man I certify that young people Would think hard to see if he had to wield this girl around as well Because no man wants a woman Muscular bigger than myself. Become a fan. Just good enough. Don’t be too muscular.

2. Just beautiful

Any man likes beautiful people. But that type that is only beautiful But as we continue to discuss the details Instead, they know nothing but eyelashes, mascara, concealer, even more about relationships. You must not forget that beauty is the first thing to impress. But intelligence and wit Including maturity will make women and men better understand each other.

3. Growing up

Grown woman But still trying to force the body to act like a little girl, she always expects men to take care of her as if she were a little girl and something like that. Asking and answering anything, Anone was unconscious and hoped that the young man would always treat her like a princess. Grow up and get off Aegyo. At first, it was cute, but after a long time, men didn’t like it and easily bored.

4. Bitch

Do not think that the evil woman Just like in Korean movies, my sassy girl is cute for a man. Think wrong, think again. Because it is annoying and wants to stay away. In addition, some bastards will look for mistakes in others. Then trampling to aggravate that point, causing him pain. Think easily. Who would want to be near

5. Mr.

Talkative It is a habit of women already. But if at any time you turn into Mrs. That kind of course is not okay. Because they tend to have problems with whatever you do. What a man makes, even what he intends to buy or recruit I never made her satisfied anything. Complaining. Complaining. Complaining.

6. The heroine of tears

Getting into a play in a book and sometimes crying for the heroine is not a bad thing for a young man. But here we are talking about women who want to get what they want with tears. Forcing tears to cry to get the heart that I want. It is not the correct solution to the problem. Of course the boys Probably don’t like this method Because it makes them feel pressured and uncomfortable. Until the end becomes annoyed.

7. Treasure Hunt Girl

Because money is everything in your life. So she expects the boys That she should gift her with precious things She is interested in your income, the wealth you earn from your labor, and tries to control everything in your own comfort. When trying to meet like this, any man is scared.

8. The Charm

She enchanted a young man. And then with another person and another person, and so on, and never able to stop at one man. Time and again she cheated on her lover. And does not seem to stop But sleeps that no one can handle things like this Because it is dishonesty and lack of sincerity

9. Little Cinderella

She is in the world of fairy tales Where the real world cannot reach And the man she was looking for was a good prince. Her young man must be perfect, complete, handsome and noble. Which in fact We all know that no one is completely complete, any guy who gets close to a woman like this will feel uncomfortable.

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