5 things you should never do on social media after a breakup with your partner If you don’t want to get hurt so hard

If you say that social media is Important factors of the life of this generation would not be so wrong. No matter where you go to a coffee shop Going to do any activity, it is always updated that our social friends are always aware. But when your love is over Something you should absolutely stop. If you do not want the state of mind to be depressed.

1. Stop looking at his face

Many people when they break up with their loved ones but their hearts are still cut off. Even though no longer communicating with each other But please know the movement of the other party is still good As a matter of fact If you break up with your partner, let things end and fade away over time. Do not shine his face, his friend, or his relatives anymore. Since sometimes you may see him live a bright life and your heart will hurt itself.

2. Do not demand attention in the social world.

Posting regret, trauma, or your being cheated on. Venting everything to the social world in the hope of comforting them is most likely to be avoided. Instead of receiving compassion, you may receive compassion instead. And you never know what the friend of Fez who comforted you. Behind the scenes will take you to gossip or not. In spite of how much you are hurt by what you have received, it is better not to let yourself be pity in the eyes of others.

3. Do not post it unfold the old lover.

Posting negative messages to your ex on social networks is of no interest to you. More importantly, you also seem to have a low maturity as well. What you should be most posting right now is: The motto of living alone to be happy Which in addition to making you look like a strong woman These articles will also encourage you to re-energize your life.

4. Should not add his new lover’s face.

Even if you and your lover will break up because of a third party But you shouldn’t take a charge with that woman. That is to put the power of the heart to the nonsense. When your lover has chosen You should accept his decision and move on on a new path. Who knows, you might as well find a better man.

5. Stop sending messages as you bothered.

When you break up with your partner, sometimes mental instability occurs. Became a person with a poor mental state But you should not be sending messages to bother your ex. Or even sending the message to abusive, it should be avoided as much as possible. Dwelling in anger and grief doesn’t do anything better. Only you will be left in the fire of your self-sacrificing suffering.

This is something not to do on social media when you break up with your partner. Social, if compared, it is like a two-edged sword. There are both optimism and pessimism. It depends on what aspects we choose to use to benefit ourselves.

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